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GTO Motorsports  services, repairs, restoration and modification for Mitsubishi GTO and 3000GT‘s within Australia.  LL

We are located 20 minutes from the Adelaide CBD in Modbury North, South Australia.

History of the Mitsubishi GTO

The Mitsubishi GTO was built between 1990 and 1999. The first generation cars incorporated Mitsubishi’s innovative performance enhancing technologies,such as the All Wheel Control, 4WD -Full Time Four Wheel Drive, 4WS -Four Wheel Steering, 4ABS -Four Wheel Anti-Lock Brakes, 4IS -Four Wheel Independent suspension, ECS -Electronically Controlled Suspension and Active Aerodynamics – computer controlled front and rear spoilers.

These integrated systems form the core of the GTO’s All wheel control, offering sharp steering response, balance and straight line control with extraordinary cornering agility and stopping power.

The Mitsubishi GTO was known as the Mitsubishi 3000GT outside Japan.